Managing the Internet of Things
Architectures, Theories and Applications

Edited by Jun Huang, Kun Hua
Cloth: 978 1 78561 028 8 / $145.00
Published: November 2016  

Publisher: The Institution of Engineering and Technology
252 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/5"
The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the evolution of the internet as the interconnection not just of computers, but also uniquely identifiable, pervasive embedded devices, for example, smart thermostats and wearable technology. Research has estimated there will be nearly 30 billion devices on the Internet of Things within the next decade. The implementation and deployment of the IoT brings with it management challenges around seamless integration, heterogeneity, scalability, mobility, security, and many other issues. This book explores these challenges and possible solutions.

Topics covered include:

* topology control for building scalable energy efficient IoT
* a survey of wireless sensor network operating systems
* concepts, designs and implementation of wireless sensor network operating systems
* OSIRIS - a framework for sensor-based monitoring systems
* modelling and tracing events in RFID-enabled supply chains
* a new clone detection approach in RFID-enabled supply chains
* participatory sensing networks - a paradigm to achieve IoT applications
* market structure analysis of the economics of IoT
* IoT and big data applications for urban planning and building smart cities

Table of Contents:
1: Topology Control for Building Scalable Energy Efficient Internet of Things – Jun Huang, Qiang Duan and Cong-Cong Xing
2: Wireless Sensor Network Operating Systems: A Survey – Haiying Zhou, Xing Liu, Shen Lin, Jian Li, Shengwu Xiong, Kun-Mean Hou
3: Wireless Sensor Network Operating System: Concept, New Design and Implementation – Xing Liu, Haiying Zhou, Shen Lin, Shengwu Xiong, Jian Li, Kun-Mean Hou
4:OSIRIS Framework: sensOr-baSed monItoRIng Systems – Raphael Guerra, Felipe Santos
5: Modeling and Tracing Events in RFID-Enabled Supply Chains – Cong-cong Xing, Jun Huang, Shui Yu
6: A New Clone Detection Approach in RFID-Enabled Supply Chains – Cong-Cong Xing, Jun Huang, Kun Hua, Song Guo
7: Participatory Sensing Networks: A Paradigm to Achieve Applications of IoT: Hou Fen, Jingyi Sun, Shaodan Ma
8: Economics of Internet of Things (IoT): Market Structure Analysis – Cheng Zhang
9: IoT and Big Data: Application for Urban Planning and Building Smart Cities – Mazhar Rathore, Anand Paul, Awais Ahmad
10: Healthcare Internet of Things: Fundamental Technologies, State-of-the-Art Standards, and Current Practices – Alan Diaz, Wei Wang

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