Wave and Tidal Generation Devices
Reliability and Availability

Cloth: 978 1 84919 734 2 / $150.00
Published: April 2017  

Publisher: The Institution of Engineering and Technology
304 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/5"
There are many wave and tidal devices under development but as yet very few are actually in revenue-earning production. However the engineering problems are gradually being solved and there is an appetite to invest in these renewable generation technologies for harsher environments. To some extent the wave and tidal generation industry is following in the wake of the wind industry, particularly learning from the growing experience of offshore wind farm deployment. Wave and Tidal Generation Devices combines the lessons from the wind industry to show wave and tidal engineers, students and researchers the main reliability and availability issues facing the growing ocean energy industry.

This is essential reading for wave and tidal engineers and researchers and advanced students of renewable energy. It will also be invaluable to design engineers and developers working with wave and tidal devices.

Topics covered include:
- an overview of wave and tidal development
- resource
- reliability theory relevant to wave and tidal devices
- reliability prediction method for wave and tidal devices
- practical wave and tidal device reliability
- effects of MEC device taxonomy on reliability
- availability and its effect on the cost of marine energy
- wave and tidal device layout and grid connection
- design and testing for wave and tidal devices
- operational experience and lessons learned
- monitoring and its effect on operations and maintenance
- overall conclusions