Digital Communications
Principles and Systems

Cloth: 978 1 84919 611 6 / $104.00
Published: April 2014  

Publisher: The Institution of Engineering and Technology
492 pp., 7" x 10"
Digital Communications: Principles and Systems provides a thorough grounding in digital communications using an innovative engineering-first approach to build a nonmathematical overview covering building blocks, signal processing tasks, general features and design considerations. Topics covered include transmission channels, source coding, digital baseband transmission, digital modulation, noise impact in digital transmission, error control coding, advanced signal enhancement techniques for wireless channels and digital transmission link analysis and design.

The reader is given an insight into the engineering concept and the underlying physical considerations, a clear appreciation of the parameters involved, and an understanding of the interplay of these parameters. The book includes several unpublished original derivations, new insights and alternative approaches that make the understanding of key topics and their application much easier.

Topics covered include:

* overview of digital communication
* linear channels and systems
* nonlinear systems
* sampling of baseband and bandpass signals
* quantization and PCM
* source coding and lossless data compression
* line codes
* transmission through bandlimited AWGN channels
* transmitted digital signals
* noise impact in digital transmission
* error control coding
* digital transmission link analysis and design

Many works on emerging digital transmission techniques are largely confined to academic research papers. This book will give postgraduate students and practicing engineers a sound mastery of the subject.